Nurarihyon No Mago/Bleach Crossover

The idea for a Nurarihyon No Mago crossover started with a comment Vathara made on her blog, that Nurarihyon No Mago doesn’t have enough good fanfiction, and deserves more. I heartily agreed, and started considering what kind of potential existed for a fanfic.

Both manga are complete now (warning: spoilers for the entirety of both series), so it is possible to survey both series in their entirety and find similarities, differences, and irritating little things you wish you could do something about. (Irritating little things you wish you could do something about are the starting points for a great deal of fanfiction stories, I suspect.) In this case, how Rikuo and Ichigo handle what Vathara referred to as the Masquerade (link here). To expound, both worlds have hidden communities with inhuman members, who are obligated for their own survival to keep their community a secret from the rest of the world. Of course, Murphy’s Law dictates that something would go wrong eventually, and the Masquerade would be broken. Vathara believed that Nurarihyon No Mago and Bleach were less susceptible to the broken masquerade than other series, because in Nurarihyon No Mago nobody believes in the existence of yokai, and in Bleach anyone who can see the war between shinigami and hollow is already a part of it.

But the irritating little thing for me is how our protagonists choose to address their friends in regards to the Masquerade. Rikuo shields his friends with his power and authority for the majority of the series, but after they discover his position in yokai society, he accepts them into it and allows them free access to events and members. While Ichigo . . . what Ichigo does is symptomatic of something Kubo repeated throughout the series; namely, that it is alright for important things to remain unsaid, those in the know can wait until they feel up to explaining, and those who don’t know don’t mind the wait. He does this with the issue of Ichigo’s mother’s death, with how Ichigo approaches his father’s past, and with Ichigo’s friends and sisters not questioning why they see him running around on roofs dressed in a black shihakusho. Of course, on the two former issues communication eventually occurs. But on the last . . . it is implied in the epilogue that there was no need to tell anybody following the war with Yhwach, but I cry foul. Ichigo’s friends, and especially his sisters, deserve to know. And I think post-series Rikuo might have a lot of advice on the subject.

Now the only issue is how to get them in the same place at the same time. Soccer, anyone?


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