Emergency Protocol: Changing World

A large part of starting a fic is world building. And finding and accepting one piece of canon can change the face of your entire world, much to your chagrin. So this world is going to be more complicated than I originally thought. And this fic is going to be a bit longer than the… Continue reading Emergency Protocol: Changing World


D. Gray-Man: The Big Picture

I originally started the following document for my own benefit at Chapter 220, so I wouldn't have to go back and reread the last three chapters every time one came out, and so that I could try and figure out the big picture of what has been going on in D. Gray-Man based on the rather sporadic comments the characters dole out. It incorporates information found throughout the manga, and I've added on to it as new chapters are released. However, I decided that others may find this information useful, so I'm posting it here.